Java Full Stack Developer

Location: Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt Main, Düsseldorf

Job Description:

  • Be a Polyglot focusing on core programming in multiple programming languages, while ensuring performance, quality, scalability and extensibility
  • Deliver innovation in chosen technologies
  • Work with teams to build enterprise level software applications with predictable agile DevSecOps model.
  • Develop, test, and integrate secure code for new or existing software of significant complexity

Technical Skills:

Over 2 years of core development experience in any of the below stacks

  • Application Development
    • Java, Springboot and Microservices, Angular/React, Docker and K8S
    • Angular/React, Express, MongoDB, NodeJS, JavaScript and Typescript.
    • HTML5, CSS3, MongoDB/Any NoSQL database, Angular,    ExpressJS, NodeJS
  • Data Engineering
  • Hadoop, Spark, PySpark, Hive, Python/Java, Kafka, Airflow and Beam.
  • AI Engineering Desirable:
  • Experience in developing and deploying Microservices
  • Experience with Service Oriented Architecture and understanding of OO concepts and design patterns
  • Experience in Middleware
  • Experience in cloud based platforms
  • Experience in Open Source tools and technologies
  • OS experience in Linux/Windows/Mac OSX
  • Experience of working in a fast paced and agile environment •
  • Providing solutions with minimum system requirements and in Agile Mode
  • Ability to write good quality, secure and highly performant code
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills
  • Effective collaboration and communication skills
  • Consistent score in Coding sites like Hackerrank, CodeChef and so on
  • Industry acclaimed External Certifications, if applicable
  • Active participation in Technology forums
  • Contribution to Open Source Community
  • Should have proficiency in German language