Virtualization Engineer



01 / Requirements

Main scope will be design, maintenance and “engineering” for hybrid clouds based on VMC (VMware Cloud) on AWS, Azure and potentially on OCI, its monitoring and capacity planning. Also part of this role will be providing 4 level support for this environment + engineering work on internal VMware environment in case of necessity

02 / Job-Description

  • Skilled engineer with hands on experience with VMware 6.5, 6.7, NSX, with latest possible VCP or VCAP certification, with experience from leading of virtualization projects and with very good communication skills. This person will have to have also experience with VMC on “whatever” (AWS or Azure or OCI,... ). Main focus of this person will be adoption of hybrid cloud based on VMC in to real production.
  • skilled engineer with open mind and ability of independent work.
  • The above must be met both from knowledge and skillset perspective

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