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Let us know what position you are interested in and submit your application materials. We look forward to meeting you in person and learning more about your skills.


Your future employer wants to be a perfect fit for you not only professionally, but also as a person. Therefore, we look forward to meeting you in person and learning more about your personality and motivation together.

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With your comprehensive expertise, you impress our clients in every aspect. Whether it’s contract negotiations or other subsequent processes, we continue to stand by your side, providing support to ensure that you are thoroughly prepared.


Your springboard to a successful career in Europe, USA, Canada or the UK.

Are you an expert in your field, longing to work in Europe, USA, Canada, or the UK? With K&K, you are in the right place. We assist you in finding the perfect job!

Finding a job has never been easier!

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Your unique combination of soft skills and technical expertise makes all the difference. At K&K, we highly value finding the perfect fit for you, not only professionally but also on a personal level.

Our 5 locations operate globally, ensuring worldwide coverage and support.

Our network of industry experts spans across the globe, with 5 locations strategically positioned to provide comprehensive coverage. Leverage this impressive global reach to capitalize on international career opportunities and achieve your professional goals worldwide.

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Once we have received your resume, we will schedule a meeting for a personal introduction with you. After this meeting, we will take over the search on your behalf and make every effort to find the perfect opportunity for your professional growth.


As an experienced industry expert, your personal consultant is already informed about potential job openings well in advance, long before they are publicly advertised. With K&K, you won’t miss any career opportunity and will gain exclusive access to attractive positions.